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    Concrete work tips

    Ordering ready mix concrete

    When using ready mix concrete make sure you add an extra 5%-10% to the volume you order. The extra amount allows for spillage, wastage or over-excavation.

    Cleaning tools

    Remove concrete from tools as soon as you have finished using them, waiting a day or more can make it very difficult to get them clean.

    Drilling concrete

    Sometimes when drilling concrete you might hit a hard piece of concrete. Insert a masonry nail into the hole that you have been drilling and hammer it a few times, this will help break down the concrete. After you have done this a few times, insert your drill back in and continue drilling.

    Do not use excessive force when drilling concrete

    When drilling concrete do not push too hard or bear down on the drill with all your strength. If you use too much force you might break the drill bit. It is better to drill slowly.

    Use the correct drill when drilling concrete

    Make sure you use a hammer drill when drilling concrete.

    Drilling larger holes in concrete.

    When drilling holes larger than ½ an inch it is better to use a rotary drill. Make sure you use the correct drill bit. SDS is the most common drill bit for this job.