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    Win cash with lets-do-diy

    Win cash in our DIY forumEvery month you can WIN A CASH PRIZE simply by being an active member in the lets-do-diy.com forum.

    Each month every registered Forum user who has been active during the current month will be entered into the lets-do-diy.com raffle. At the end of the month a winner will be drawn who will receive £25.

    By simply posting a question or providing an answer to another forum users question, you stand a chance of winning. Just
    register in the Forum and get posting.



    December 2008 - Neilkw
    January 2009 - Donna
    February 2009 - Arthur

    Next Draw: 30/03/2009

    Winners will be contacted by email only so please make sure you type it in correctly when you register.


    We have some simple guidance rules that you will need to follow in order to qualify for payment:
    All posts should be 15 words or more and have reasonable grammar & spelling.
    Questions and answers must be researched and relevant, not copied and pasted.

    Terms & Conditions

    Lets-do-diy Ltd reserves the right to withhold payment for any posts that do not qualify for payout.

    This agreement can be terminated at anytime by either party.

    Payment will be made in CASH or cheque.

    For full terms and conditions please click here.