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    Alternative power sources

    Many electricity companies offer ‘green tariffs’ where, for every unit of electricity you use, the same amount of green electricity is generated, or a proportion of your bill is invested in renewable energy projects. Of course, the most direct means of cutting down electricity consumption is to source your own domestic energy.

    • Solar
      There are 2 types of solar panel: Photovoltaic or solar electric panels transform the sun’s energy into electricity. Solar Water Heating collectors absorb energy from the sun to provide more than 50% of a household's hot water requirements during the year. Solar panels are becoming less expensive and more efficient so that even on overcast days they are able to generate sufficient power for a home.
    • Wind
      Domestic turbines can produce between 300W and 3kW of power depending on size and can be mounted on the roof out of sight.

    Hydroelectric Power - lets-do-diy.com

    • Hydroelectric
      If you are unable to construct a water wheel or running water device on your own land, you could choose a hydroelectric power company as your energy supplier.
    • Biofuel
      Domestic biomass burners are a powerful source of energy for home heating systems. Although burning organic matter produces carbon dioxide, the trees and plants grown specifically for this purpose absorb carbon dioxide to balance out Co2 levels.

    Biofuel - lets-do-diy.com

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