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    Draught proofing

    Draughts caused by the gaps between the floorboards, the letterbox, unused open chimneys, and ill-fitting windows and doors can account for 20% of heat loss. Fortunately, problems of this nature are easily resolved with simple, inexpensive forms of draught proofing.

    • Block that undercurrent of cold air coming from between the floorboards by filling the gaps with acrylic sealant.
    • Fit draught excluder strips that come in the form of small bristles around the letterbox.
    • Stop heat disappearing up an unused open chimney with an inflatable chimney balloon. Available in different sizes, the chimney balloon is placed about 300mm up the chimney and inflated by mouth through an inflation tube supplied with the balloon.
    • Repair or replace ill-fitting doors and windows and fit door strips to the bottom of doors. Easy to fit adhesive draught excluder comes in rolls and is available from most DIY stores. Gaps under and around doors can result in 11% of the heat escaping from your home.

    Keep the warmth inside and reduce your heating bills by turning your home into a draught exclusion zone.

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