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    Energy saving grants

    The above measures will help cut your energy bills this winter. Furthermore, implementing some of these energy saving solutions is made even more attractive by the availability of grants for covering the cost of carrying out the work. Grants for making your home more energy efficient can be obtained from various agencies.

    The Warmfront Trust is a government financed initiative offering grants of up to £2,700 (£4,000 for homes with oil central heating) to low income households for a comprehensive range of solutions that will increase energy efficiency. Insulation for walls and lofts, draught proofing, lagging hot water tanks, and repairing or replacing central heating systems are just some of the improvements that can be funded.

    A similar scheme is in operation in Wales funded by the Welsh Assembly Government. The Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (HEES) provides grants of up to £3,600 to improve household energy efficiency.

    The Scottish Government has two schemes aimed at tackling fuel poverty. Warmdeal has a maximum grant of £500, while the Central Heating Programme will fund a package of energy saving measures up to £3,500.

    In Northern Ireland the Warm Homes scheme is aimed at owner-occupiers and tenants renting from private landlords. The scheme will fund insulation measures costing up to £800, and heating and insulation improvements up to the value of £4,300.

    But it’s not only low income households that can receive funding towards the cost of making homes more energy efficient. The Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) legislation obliges energy companies to provide their customers with funding for energy improvements. The grants are available to all owner-occupiers regardless of age and income, but the level of funding will depend on the size of your property and the type of fuel you use.

    For further information on energy saving grants contact: 

    United Kingdom

    Warm Front 0800 028 2373   www.warmfront.co.uk
    Energy Saving Trust  0800 512 012  www.energysavingtrust.org.uk


    HEES 0800 316 2815 www.heeswales.co.uk


    Warmdeal 0800 316 6009 www.eaga.com
    Central Heating Programme 0800 316 1653 www.eaga.com

    Northern Ireland

    Warm Homes 0800 181 667 www.eaga.com

    Insulating and draught proofing your home prevents heat loss, conserves energy, combats climate change and cuts household fuel bills. Using energy saving light bulbs and appliances tested for energy efficiency that carry the Energy Saving Recommended logo will contribute to further savings.

    Most of the measures for making your home energy efficient are easy to carry out and feature as projects on http://www.lets-do-diy.com/. And with grants available to fund part or all of the work, getting switched on to saving energy makes sound financial sense.