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    Logos to look out for

    When you are out shopping, keep an eye out for the following labels, indicating that products are eco-friendly.

    Products marked with the European Ecolabel have been independently assessed according to high environmental standards.

    Ecolabel Logo - lets-do-diy.com


    In the UK, the most energy efficient products will carry the Energy Saving Recommended label.

    Energy Saving Logo - lets-do-diy.com


    The Blue Angel is used on European digital products as a mark of efficiency and minimal waste and pollution.

    The Blue Angel Logo - lets-do-diy.com


    The Group for Energy Efficient Appliances' (GEEA) logo certifies products on a European level.

    GEEA Logo - lets-do-diy.com


    The Energy star means that an appliance uses an acceptable level of energy in stand-by mode.

    The Energy Star Logo - lets-do-diy.com


    The Nordic Swan logo is a general accreditation of eco-friendly products.

    Nordic Swan Logo  - lets-do-diy.com


    The Mobius Loop means that products with this label are recyclable.

    The Mobius Loop Logo  - lets-do-diy.com


    The NAPM recycled symbol on paper confirms that it contains a minimum of 75% genuine waste.

    NAPM Recycled Logo  - lets-do-diy.com


    The PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) symbol certifies that the wood comes from sustainable forests.

    PEFC Logo  - lets-do-diy.com


    The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo signifies that the wood comes from approved well-managed forests.

    FSC Logo  - lets-do-diy.com


    The Rainforest Alliance stamp indicates that the product is made with environmentally responsible methods.

    Rainforest Alliance Logo  - lets-do-diy.com


    VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) labels indicate the quantity of harmful compounds contained in paints.

    VOC Logo  - lets-do-diy.com


    If you want to know more about climate change, environmental protection and how you can help save the environment, take a look at some of the following websites.