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    Lagging is the term used for insulating hot water pipes, radiators and hot water tanks. It involves using a non-conductive material to prevent heat loss.

    Foam tubes are used to lag hot water pipes and are available in a range of pipe diameters. Foam lagging tubes usually have a cut running along their length to facilitate fitting them onto the pipes. Some foam lagging tubes have a silver foil lining to reflect heat back into the pipe.

    If your hot water tank is not pre-insulated you should fit the tank (sometimes called a cylinder) with a cylinder jacket. A cylinder jacket comprises of a number of plastic segments containing mineral-fibre insulation and will cut heat loss by 80%. The jackets come in a range of sizes and are held in place by metal straps.

    Radiators positioned against an outside wall can lose up to 25% of their heat to the wall behind it. This is a serious waste of energy and money. Fitting a foil-faced expanded polystyrene lining behind the radiator can save up to half the heat which would otherwise be lost.

    The best time to do this is when you are decorating and have removed the radiators to paint or wallpaper behind them. But waiting to redecorate before carrying out this task is not always convenient. Fortunately, the foil-faced expanded polystyrene lining can be fitted without removing the radiator.

    All these lagging materials are available from most DIY stores.

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