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    Save money saving the environment

    Making your home more environmentally friendly means making it more efficient and economical to run. The environment has even become a factor in the property market as the government’s new Home Information Packs scheme requires houses to be rated like appliances for their efficiency. Using alternative energy sources and insulating your home to prevent waste will reduce heating bills and add to the value of your home.


    • Cylinder jackets cut heat loss from your hot water cylinder by around 75% and only cost about £10.
    • Insulate pipes with insulation tubing, or lagging, and keep runs of pipe carrying hot water as short as possible.
    • Place reflective foil behind radiators to keep heat in.
    • Minimise the amount of heat lost through gaps around window and door frames by installing draught excluders and seals. You should also seal any gaps between floorboards and place insulation board or underlay underneath carpets or other types of flooring.
    • Reduce heat loss through the roof by 30% by adding insulation to the loft and rafters that is at least 250mm (10in) deep.
    • Conserve heat by adding cavity wall insulation.
    • Install double glazing and reduce the heat lost through windows by half. Choose double glazing with a high efficiency rating (A* being the highest).

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