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    Interior design is undeniably a question of personal preference. What to some is a marvellous combination of colour and texture, others will view as madness. Nevertheless, there are some basic design guidelines that can be followed to assist you in realising the full potential of your living space.

    There are many elements to interior design...

    Image supplied by Ikea

    There are many elements to interior design and understanding these, along with the importance of how they interact, will allow you to create a room that successfully reflects your individuality.

    Some people will adopt a particular design theme to run throughout the property, while others will select different designs for different rooms. Although some of the ideas we will be looking at are suitable for any room in the home, it is living room interiors that we are concentrating on in this article and style trends expected to make an impact in 2009.

    But to begin with let us look at some general rules for interior design.

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