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    Seek inspiration from magazines, newspapers and product catalogues...When looking to revamp your living room begin by planning and researching every stage of your interior design – and don’t be afraid to experiment. Seek inspiration from magazines, newspapers and product catalogues, taking cuttings of those ideas that you’d like to replicate in your home. Collect fabric and carpet swatches, use paint samples on the walls: combine, contrast and harmonise colours and textures, and gradually all the design elements will come together in the individual style you are seeking.

    This article provides the basic guidelines to interior design and offers an introduction to the trends that will have a major influence on how living room interiors will look in 2009. But this information should not be considered as the final word on what is good interior design for, as we stated at the very beginning of this article, interior design is more to do with personal taste than popular trends.

    So don’t be deterred if your ideas don’t match those promoted as the next big thing by magazines and TV programmes. If you’re happy with the style you’ve created, then your interior design is a success.

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