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    Design trends for 2009

    Currently the homes and interiors magazines are full of predictions of what will be the hot design ideas in 2009. The editorial staff at lets-do-diy.com has studied these publications to bring you the latest thinking in contemporary interior design for the living room.

    Many design professionals are predicting that nature will have a strong influence on interior design next year
    Room with tree branch in corner

    Image supplied by Next

    Many design professionals are predicting that nature will have a strong influence on interior design next year. Colours reflecting the natural environment will be a predominant theme, along with patterns based on natural shapes such as flora, pebbles and shells. Colour palettes will include mustard yellow, deep reds, rich ochre, creamy off whites, slate grey, soft violet along with pale greens and blues, which are all capable of producing a contemporary but elegant look.

    Wallpaper design looks likely to be dominated by two distinctive styles in the coming year – geometric designs and floral inspired print. Wallpaper with strong geometric patterns made up of squares, diamonds, circles and other regular shapes will offer a sophisticated slant on designs popular in the sixties.

    The natural world will feature strongly in floral wallpaper patterns. Designs will range from configurations of delicate flora in subtle shades to audacious arrangements with large floral prints in dazzling colour.

    For the more adventurous who are seeking to make a dramatic statement, a striking focal point can be created using a wallpaper panel in a large, colourful print. The stark contrast between the panel and the neutrally coloured surrounding walls produces immediate impact. To create the maximum effect, choose the wall on which to situate the panel carefully, avoiding walls with doors or windows in them.

    The vivid colours of the panel can then be repeated in the fabric of the soft furnishings, creating warmth and vibrancy. This design approach is particularly suited to small living rooms where wallpaper in a bold, colourful design would prove too overpowering if used on all the walls.

    2009 is also expected to see a growth in popularity of decorative wall stickers. Inexpensive and easy to apply, when carefully applied they afford interesting and unusual relief to neutral walls.

    The strong flora motif is again evident in new fabric designs for curtains, cushions, carpets and rugs. Large leaf and floral print compositions in vibrant colours will provide contrast and balance to a room with walls decorated in softer shades.

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