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    Edwardian housing

    A shorter period, the Edwardian era ran from 1901-1910. This was a time marked by an explosion in speculative house building, which spread beyond the city limits and saw the creation of the suburbs. Consequently, Edwardian houses are far greater in number than property from other periods.

    Although early Edwardian houses are similar in style to Victorian property, as the era progressed notable differences began to appear. As domestic servants were no longer needed houses were built with fewer rooms and stories. Eschewing the cluttered approach to interior design of the Victorians, rooms often appear bigger, entrance halls larger and staircases wider giving the overall impression homes were more spacious.

    Edwardian housing - lets-do-diy.com
    Edwardian housing - lets-do-diy.com

    Sash windows, though still commonplace, were beginning to make way for modern casements, particularly in the front of houses. Another distinguishing feature of Edwardian property was the timber-framed porch topped with red tiles, which tended to be more elaborate in design than its Victorian predecessor. While many larger houses were constructed with balconies or verandas: the highly decorative wooden balustrades reflecting the growing influence of the Arts in design.

    Similarly, entrance hallways, the walls of porches and front paths were decorated with tiling that displayed a strong Art Nouveau influence. Other interior features that became prominent during this short but eventful period are decorative mouldings in the form of architrave, dado and picture rails. Parquet flooring also became fashionable.

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