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    The insulation material used to wrap around pipes and tanks in unheated areas to prevent freezing. Also, used on hot water tanks to prevent heat loss.

    Latch and striker

    Metal components fixed to a gate to keep it closed. The latch is fixed to the gate and the striker to the gatepost.


    In referring to lath and plaster walls the laths are the narrow strips of wood that are nailed to timber studs to produce the framework onto which the plaster is applied. This plastering method is only usually found in older buildings.

    Laying off

    Painting technique where the paintbrush is drawn lightly over the wet paint to produce a smooth, clean finish.

    Leading edge

    The vertical edge of a window or door farthest away from the hinges.


    A horizontal, loadbearing beam above a doorway or window opening for supporting the wall.

    Lock-shield valve

    A valve on the side of a radiator that is used to balance the radiators in the system so they all heat up at the same rate. By opening or closing the lock-shield valve increases or restricts the flow of water into the radiator. The further the radiator is from the boiler the more the lock-shield valve should be open.


    A projecting fixture on an object to allow it to be carried or fixed in place.