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    A sturdy timber support used in conjunction with props to support a section of wall in an opening prior to an RSJ (rolled steel joist) or lintel being fitted.


    The vertical post fitted between the handrail and base rail of a balustrade, which offers strength and support to the structure. Comprised of a newel turning (the main body of the post), newel base and newel cap.


    A tile nib - or nibs - is the small projection on the underside of the tile at its top edge. Tile nibs hook over the roof batten and with the weight of the tile keep it in place.

    Nogging or noggin

    Small lengths of timber fitted horizontally between vertical timber studs or ceiling joists to strengthen the structure.

    Non-return valve

    A valve that only allows water to pass through in one direction. Often used in pumps and plumbing systems to prevent back-siphoning.


    The front edge of a stair tread.