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    Decking boards

    Timber decking has become extremely popular as an alternative to stone slab patios. Several factors must be considered when choosing timber decking boards to ensure your decking will last and be safe to use. When selecting decking boards ensure they have been pressure treated with wood preservative to protect them from decay and insect attack. Also decking boards come in different depths so remember that the thinner the board the more supporting posts will be needed.

    Smooth decking board

    Smooth boards are easy to clean but can be slippery when wet, so this must be taken into consideration when planning your decking.

    Reversible decking board

    These boards are smooth on one surface and grooved on the other. Choice is further extended with the type of groove cut into the timber. Widely spaced grooves create excellent drainage channels. While many grooves of less depth but closely set together forming small ridges produce a surface that provides excellent grip underfoot.

    Rough-sawn decking board

    Although this type of timber is not sold specifically as decking board it is an option worth considering, particularly if you are looking to create a rugged decking design.

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