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    Standard paper

    A wide selection of wallpaper is available varying dramatically in quality and price. The cheaper wallpapers tend to be thin and tear easily when damp, making them difficult to hang.

    Lining paper

    Rolls of inexpensive, blank paper used to cover poor wall surfaces before hanging the decorative wallpaper. Lining paper is available in five thicknesses, so the poorer the wall's surface the thicker the paper you will require. Lining paper can also be used to provide a more even surface for emulsion paint.

    Woodchip paper

    Woodchip paper consists of small fragments of wood sandwiched between two layers of paper. Although inexpensive and easy to hang, woodchip paper can be difficult to cut.

    Vinyl wallpaper

    Wallpaper with a vinyl PVC layer applied to its surface producing a durable and washable wall covering. Vinyl wall coverings are ideally suited for bathrooms and kitchens or even areas where children or animals may mark the wall. Most vinyls are sold ready-pasted making them easier to apply.

    Relief wallpaper

    This is heavy wallpaper with a deeply embossed pattern such as Anaglypta - excellent for uneven walls and ceilings.

    Washable wallpaper

    These types of wallpaper are printed and then have a PVA finish applied, giving them a washable surface. This type of wallpaper is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. When cleaning washable paper it should be wiped with a wet cloth, do not scrub clean as the PVA surface may become worn.

    Flock wallpaper

    A paper backing with a fabric pile bonded to its surface. When hanging flock wallpaper avoid getting paste on the fabric, as it can be difficult to remove and may spoil the surface.

    Metallic/foil wallpaper

    Constructed by bonding a thin sheet of aluminum foil onto a paper backing. Some foil wall coverings have a pattern printed on the foil surface. This type of paper should only be applied to walls in very good condition, as any unevenness will spoil the effect. When hanging foil paper the paste must be applied to the wall and not the paper.

    Cork wallpaper

    This paper is made up of a fine veneer of cork bonded to a plain or painted backing paper. The colour of the painted backing paper shows through the veneer creating a striking effect. Apply the paste to the wall and not the paper. Some cork wallpaper is self-adhesive with a peel away backing.

    Grasscloth wallpaper

    Highly decorative paper made from grasses stitched and bonded to a fine backing paper. Available in a range of colours but the joins are always visible.


    Hessian is supplied in two forms; either in rolls of fabric or bonded to a backing paper. Hessian with a paper backing has the advantage of keeping the hessian from sagging. If using unbacked hessian the paste needs to be applied to the wall.

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