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    Clamps, also called cramps, are gripping tools like vices, except they are more portable and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes depending on the particular purpose for which they have been designed. Clamps are used to hold materials firmly in position while they are being cut or to hold joints together until the glue dries.


    The G-clamp is instantly recognizable because it resembles the letter ‘G'. It is an extremely versatile clamp and can be used to hold materials together in fairly awkward positions. When using the G-clamp always position offcuts of wood between the jaws of the clamp and the surface of the material being clamped to prevent damage.

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    Sash clamp

    This elongated G-clamp is designed to hold larger objects in place. One jaw of the clamp is fixed in position by slotting the securing pin through the hole in the bar. Then the other jaw is adjusted by rotating the screw mechanism. Some sash clamps have a serrated central bar that grip the moveable jaw instead of holes and a securing pin.

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    Band clamp

    This clamp is designed for awkward objects. The plastic jaws are threaded together with a nylon band, which when released will loosen the jaws. When the object is within the clamp's jaws it can be firmly secured in position by pulling the nylon band tight.

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    Ratchet clamp

    The name of this tool refers to the ratchet mechanism, which allows the user more control over the pressure applied. For example, when you have gripped the object in the clamp's pincer-like jaws, apply a little more pressure and the ratchet will tighten, clamping the material securely. A release button on the handle of the ratchet clamp will release its grip.

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    Spring clamp

    A simple clamp designed for one-handed use. It has a spring-controlled hinge, which means that when you apply pressure to the handles, the jaws open, and when the pressure is released the jaws close and grip the object.

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    Screw clamp

    Similar to the sash clamp, the screw clamp is another type of elongated G-clamp and is also used to hold larger objects. It consists of a serrated central bar, a fixed jaw and an adjustable jaw. The adjustable jaw slides along a serrated central bar and is set in position by tightening the threaded bar using an easy-grip handle.

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    Corner clamp

    A clamp designed for use on materials that come together at a right angle. As the two threaded bars are tightened, pressure is applied to each side of the right angle.

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