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    Painting tools - other

    Paint pads

    Paint pads consist of a flat rectangular pad made up of many tiny, tightly packed bristles. The paint is loaded onto the pad from a tray. There is a variety of paint pads available varying from 25mm (1in) up to a width of 180mm (6in). Paint pads can come in different shapes for specific purposes, like the crevice pad designed for painting corners.

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    Paint kettle

    By using a paint kettle instead of loading the brush directly from the paint tin you avoid getting dried paint, which can form around the top of a paint tin, onto your brush. A paint kettle is also more practical to carry, particularly if you are working from a trestle or stepladder. To keep the paint kettle clean, lay foil around the inside before filling with paint. The foil can be thrown away after use.

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    Paint shield

    When painting around windows, use this tool as a shield to prevent paint getting on the glass. Simply hold the shield to the glass and press tightly against the section of window frame you are painting. As you move around the frame reposition the shield. The paint shield can be used in a similar fashion when painting skirting board to prevent picking up dirt and dust from the floor.

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    Paint sprayers

    To achieve even paint coverage over a large surface area you may consider using a paint sprayer. Any material that can be thinned to the correct consistency can be spray-painted including undercoat, enamels, lacquers, protective coatings and water-based products.

    Although large compressed air sprayers can be hired, for DIY purposes electric paint sprayers will probably be more than satisfactory. When using a paint sprayer always read the manufacturer's instructions and wear the appropriate protective equipment. As the paint is sprayed in a fine mist you should always wear safety goggles and a suitable disposable respirator.

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    Graining tools

    A small hand tool designed to create a wood grain effect on painted surfaces.

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