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    Painting tools - rollers

    Using a roller to apply paint over large areas is a much quicker and neater alternative to using a brush. Paint rollers are used with metal or plastic trays comprising of a reservoir for the paint and an adjacent flat ribbed area for distributing the paint evenly on the roller.

    The roller sleeve can have a short, medium or long pile. The short pile sleeve is used with gloss paint. A roller with a medium pile sleeve is best for applying emulsion or satin-finish oil paints. While the roller with a long pile sleeve is for applying emulsion or masonry paint to rough textured walls.

    Rollers come in several lengths, the most common being: 175mm (7in) and 225mm (9in). But you can also get 300mm (12in) rollers.

    Foam roller sleeve

    Inexpensive foam rollers do not produce a good finish as they tend to leave air bubbles in the surface of the paint. But they are useful when using a bituminous paint as they can be thrown away after the job is complete.

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    Synthetic mohair sleeve

    A synthetic mohair roller sleeve has a very fine pile, which gives a quality finish making it ideal for paints that have a sheen finish such as silk emulsion and gloss.

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    Synthetic sheepskin roller sleeve

    This type of roller sleeve produces an excellent finish when painting with emulsion. Also good for painting uneven surfaces including woodchip wallpaper.

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    Radiator roller

    The long handle and small roller makes it easier to paint behind radiators and pipes.

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    Moulded PVC rollers

    The embossed pattern on the moulded PVC sleeve produces a textured finish.

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    Corner rollers

    It's not possible to paint the corner of a room with a standard roller. Paint rollers with a short width, shaped sleeve are available for this task, but the corners of the room should be painted before the walls to achieve the best finish. 

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    Extension handles

    Most rollers have hollow handles so an extension can be fitted to allow you to reach the top of high walls and the ceiling without working from a trestle or stepladder. Some extension handles are telescopic.

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    Roller tray

    A shallow tray for holding paint used with a paint roller.

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    Long pile roller

    A paint roller with long projecting fibres used for painting textured exterior walls.

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    Medium pile roller

    A paint roller with shorter projecting fibres used for painting smoother exterior walls.

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