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    Power tools

    Angle grinder

    A power tool for cutting stone and metal fitted with a circular blade or cutting disc that revolves at great speed. The cutting discs are made from aluminium oxide which wears away with use. Other discs are available that have the rim divided into segments with a diamond coating along the cutting edge. These discs last much longer. Although angle grinders are generally used for cutting they can also be used to grind away rough edges on masonry surfaces, but it important to remember that a grinding disc needs to be fitted for this purpose.

    Always take extreme care when using angle grinders, as they can be dangerous. The appropriate safety equipment should be worn: goggles, ear defenders, dust mask, sturdy work gloves and steel toe-cap safety boots.

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    A power tool with an assortment of bits used for cutting grooves, recesses and decorative profiles in timber. The bits are either groove cutters or edge cutters and the most common are listed below:

    • V-groove cutter - for cutting V-shaped grooves.
    • Straight cutter - will cut a groove with straight sides and a flat base.
    • Dovetail - cuts accurate dovetail joints.
    • Cone cutter - will cut a curved concave channel along the edge of timber.
    • Chamfer cutter - produces a chamfered edge, usually at a 45° angle, along the edge of timber.
    • Rounding over cutter - cuts a rounded edge along the edge of the timber with a small rebate along its top.

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