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    A vice simply consists of a pair of strong adjustable jaws designed to hold materials securely. Vices differ from clamps, as they need to be fixed to a stable surface such as a workbench before they are used.

    Workshop vice

    The workshop vice is used for gripping square and cylindrical materials, and, as its name suggests, is the type of vice most commonly found in workshops. It should be bolted to the top of a fixed workbench.

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    Woodworker's vice

    The woodworker's vice has a fixing plate that should be bolted to the underside of a fixed workbench, so that the jaws are flush with the workbench's surface. The jaws have large flat surfaces and are opened and closed by turning the handle to the front. To protect the material you are working with, it is advisable to fix offcuts of wood between the jaws and the surface of the material.

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    Portable vice

    The portable vice comes in different sizes and can be fixed to different surfaces using a G-clamp grip. The maximum thickness of the surface to which you will be able to attach this type of vice will be dependent on the size of the vice. Turning a handle to the front of the vice will open and close the jaws.

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