DIY project tips given in National Maintenance Week

DIY project tips given in National Maintenance WeekThis week is National Maintenance Week and DIYers all over the country are certain to be embarking on projects to improve their home.

An annual event, this year's National Maintenance Week is running from November 20th to 27th, it encourages householders to do DIY projects now to protect their homes from suffering from costly faults.

Yasmin Chopin, chief executive of the Property Care Association (PCA), said the key to maintenance was to make checks on properties regularly.

The PCA listed five steps that DIYers could take to protect their homes against the winter.

"By dealing with problems at an early stage, homeowners could ward off the need for more extensive repairs in the future," she added.

The five-point checklist recommends that homeowners keep gutters and drains clear and free from debris as this allows water to escape quickly.

Another tip was to monitor the pointing around a property and to check the roof tiling and lead-work was in a good condition.

Checking flashing on chimney breasts was also mentioned to help keep water out of the property.

Phil Spencer, from the TV shows Relocation Relocation and Location Location Location, is involved in the campaign and has also given homeowners tips to help maintain their houses.

Posted by Barry Haddow

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