Gas bills 'could be cut' by new boilers

Gas bills 'could be cut' by new boilersBritish homeowners who are looking for a new DIY project may want to replace their old boilers.

According to the Corgi Trust, gas bills could be reduced by almost one-quarter per household if open-flued gas boilers were exchanged for more modern ones.

The Corgi Trust is calling on the government to implement a scrappage scheme that will give DIYers an incentive to change their boiler.

Not only will this reduce bills but it will also decrease the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and limit carbon dioxide emissions.

Nigel Dumbrell, manager of the Corgi Trust, urged the government to make the scheme a reality.

"The economies associated with using more energy efficient gas appliances would significantly cut carbon emissions and gas bills too," he added.

Mr Dumbrell remarked that reducing fatalities and injuries that were caused by carbon monoxide was one of the main reasons they were pushing for the scheme.

The calls for a scrappage scheme for boilers follow a similar idea that was introduced by the government earlier this year to aid the motoring industry.

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