Smart meters show homeowners energy use

Smart meters show homeowners energy useDIYers who fit smart meters in their homes will be able to see how much energy they use in real time, an expert has said.

Peter Jenkins, head of communications and public affairs at the Energy Retail Association, added that smart meters will "revolutionise" the way people think about their energy consumption.

"Customers will be able to see where they can make changes to their behaviour in order to save energy and save money," he explained.

Mr Jenkins added that the smart meters allow people to compare daily energy use.

One product that DIYers may consider installing is the Google PowerMeter, which can be installed onto computers.

It was first launched earlier this week and tells people how much energy they are using.

According to the Department of energy and Climate Change, all homes in the UK will be required to have a smart meter installed by 2020.

This will make the UK the first country in the world to have a system overhaul like this.

Posted by Barry Humphries

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