Tips for eco-friendly DIY projects

Tips for eco-friendly DIY projectsDIY tips for homeowners who want to make their property more eco-friendly have been listed by

Gordon Miller, the founder of the eco home website, has provided ten ways that DIYers can transform their house to be more energy efficient.

Top of the list is insulation to avoid unnecessary heat loss.

Mr Miller also recommended doing simple tasks like closing curtains at dusk to stop warm air escaping.

Bigger DIY tasks that were suggested included replacing your old boiler with one that releases less carbon emissions or fitting double glazing.

Replacing light bulbs with energy-efficient ones was also shown to use less electricity and not cost as much in the long-term.

Mr Miller remarked that homeowners could use rainwater or reuse the water from their shower or bath for the toilet by fitting a rainwater harvester.

He also recommended recycling old products.

"Reuse and salvage rather than buy new," he added.

This advice comes after the Corgi Trust stated that gas bills could be reduced by one-quarter in each home if open-flued gas boilers were replaced with modern ones.

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