DIY advice for 30 minute home improvements

DIY advice for 30 minute home improvementsDIYers wanting to make small but effective home improvements have been given advice for quick and easy renovation jobs by toolmaker Dremel.

At the launch of its 30 Minute Miracles brochure scheme - available on the company's American website offering tips on how best to carry out the ten most common DIY tasks in the home - expert Paul Ryan gave some tips on how to get started with renovations.

He firstly explained that it is important to be well prepared and organised by arranging tools, clearing shelves and making more room in closets.

Mr Ryan believes that keeping the kitchen presentable is important and encouraged homeowners to refinish old cabinets, replace broken tiles and remove limescale from surfaces.

From there, he suggested brightening up the bathroom - which amasses dirt more quickly and easily than other rooms - by installing a new high-efficiency toilet and restoring tile grout.

"You don't have to be a professional to successfully tackle common projects around the home," he added.

Paul Ryan presents the US TV show Kitchen Renovations and has also written a book, called Weekend Kitchen Makeovers.

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