DIY advice for surviving the winter

DIY advice for surviving the winterSeveral DIY experts have given a number of tips advising homeowners on how to keep their houses warm this winter.

Reported in the Idaho Statesman, Celeste Becia of Idaho Power encouraged those feeling the chill underfoot to install under-floor insulation batts, while owner of Ecohome Solutions Todd McGiverin suggested regularly fluffing loft insulation.

He added that people should close up cracks and holes - usually found in the loft - as quickly as possible and Karen Meyer, owner of Handyman Connection, spoke of the need to stop leaks by using metal tape. Both tips could help the general heat retaining capacity of a house, particularly important during the cold winter months.

Mr McGiverin said: "People really don't realise how inefficient their home is. Everybody knows what good miles per gallon on their car is, but I've worked with some families who are [annually] paying $2,000 (£1,200) or $3,000 to heat their home."

The UK government recently stated that it intends to help homes at risk of fuel poverty by providing energy makeovers in low-income communities.

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