DIY advice for weatherproofing the house

DIY advice for weatherproofing the houseDIY help has been given to homeowners who want to protect their houses against the poor weather that is expected over the next couple of weeks in the UK. has offered some tips on how best to weatherproof homes after the Environment Agency issued flood warnings for this week and WeatherOnline announced that it expects heavy rain and wind to continue throughout the country.

Firstly, the price comparison service suggested trimming hedges or branches in the garden that may be hanging dangerously low to the ground and could cause damage to people, buildings or cars in high winds.

In addition, it explained the need to ensure roof tiles are fixed in place or are removed from the roof completely if loose so to avoid them potentially injuring passers by and creating a bigger patch-up job after the bad weather has passed.

As well as making sure garden furniture is secure to reduce the possibility of it being blown around, the same needs to be done with external light fittings.

Posted by Thomas Morris

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