DIY enthusiasts encouraged to renovate bathrooms

DIY enthusiasts encouraged to renovate bathroomsHomeowners looking for DIY advice that can save them time and money have been encouraged by Rated People to give their bathrooms a makeover.

The company advises that DIY enthusiasts install a double sink, which could save precious minutes in the morning toothbrush rush and provide homeowners with more space allowing for more comfort.

In addition, those hoping to cut their bills could fit a water saving device or a dual flush toilet, while people who simply like their bathrooms to look nice have been told that a well-decorated room and small touches like pot pourri could make a lot of difference without much effort.

Ottokar Rosenberger, director of marketing at Rated People, added that if homeowners wanted to sell their house, a good bathroom can significantly improve its saleability.

He said: "The bathroom is one of the most important rooms when it comes to selling a property, as it is a room that is very personal to homeowners in terms of hygiene."

According to research for Lloyds TSB, just over 1 million Brits performed serious structural work on their home without professional assistance in 2008, with one in ten wanting to boost the value of their house.

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