DIY hints to stop paint peeling

DIY hints to stop paint peelingHomeowners interested in DIY have been advised on how to stop paint peeling on wooden surfaces in their houses by Telegraph writer Jeff Howell.

A problem that is often noticed by Brits is when paint starts to come off their doors and he explained this may firstly have more to do with the coating used rather than the wood.

He suggested that people avoid using water-based primer paint that may not sufficiently soak into the timber. Instead, he encouraged homeowners to use aluminium oxide primer, with oil-based undercoats and gloss being applied after that.

Most often, however, he added that particularly resinous hardwoods could be the problem as it may not naturally absorb the paint without it being sanded back to bare wood.

In other cases, he said that softwood frames could be used to avoid the problem, as well as paying particular care to doors that are south-facing and may be blistered by the sun's heat.

Common hardwoods found in the home include mahogany, teak, beech and ebony.

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