DIY, storage and the festive season

Storpod Logo - lets-do-diy.comIt happens every year around this time. Shops start playing Jingle Bells over the loudspeaker, busy city streets are lit up with Christmas lights, eyes and stomachs grow over the prospects of yummy treats. And, of course, final plans are being made for spending a few days with those near and dear to celebrate the holidays.

What better time to consider storage options?

No, seriously! The timing is perfect. Now is the time to get those must-have power tools into your wishlist letter to Father Christmas. Got your brother-in-law staying over and need to find something to keep him occupied? He'll be ideal to help hold the ladder while you paint! And - ugh - those post-Christmas bills... What happens when the credit card statements start coming through in January? is the global marketplace for temporary conversion of your idle space to rentable storage. In this economy a bit extra monthly revenue to help cover expenses, or compensate for the loss of a partner's income would be helpful. Consider tax benefits as you can probably write off expenses you might have to fix up a broken window, or insulate the attic in preparation for storing goods.

According to some estimates, UK residents could be earning upwards of £300 a month just for storing a neighbour's bulky non-seasonal sports equipment and extra suitcases. It's a green solution to storage, helps out someone local who might want close access to his possessions, and brings some extra money into the household. Storing inert objects is a lot less risky and lower maintenance than having a lodger.

Often, just a little DIY is required. It might be simple - like a coat of paint to make the spare room a little more presentable and attractive to a potential tenant. Maybe you'll be inspired to tackle the garden shed or fixing up the attic? Talk to your accountant about tax benefits and whether your local council or home energy provider has grants to help you defray costs. is simple to use: visit the site, sign up as a new member and upload your property details and photos. When you buy membership (£24.50 for home owners and £250 for landlords, estate agents and others who derive their main income from property), your property details will be live and searchable for new tenants to see!

Whatever your property goals, we wish you a safe holiday season, and prosperous 2010!

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