DIY tips for condensation troubles

DIY tips for condensation troublesDIY advice has been given by Jeff Howell in the Telegraph for people worried about excessive condensation in their homes.

The experienced bricklayer-turned-lecturer advised DIY enthusiasts on how they could get round the problem, citing poor ventilation as a common problem.

If loft insulation is correctly fitted, then naturally heat retention will improve, which would lead to higher temperatures in the house, he explained. Therefore adding trickle vents to window frames throughout the home may get rid of surplus moisture.

He also attributed badly-installed insulation to the problem, explaining that high levels of humidity - usually over 60 per cent - that can lead to condensation often occur due to a lack of air flow in the loft. Frequently fitters will not leave enough room between the eaves and the insulation, increasing the humidity of the house.

Some 3.2 million UK homeowners - 11 per cent - carried out a major renovation project in the last year, according to research for Lloyds TSB.

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