DIYers encouraged to get 'black to basics'

DIYers encouraged to get 'black to basics'Homeowners embarking on a DIY project and looking for a darker look for their property have been encouraged to use black when painting their house.

Speaking to the Guardian, couple Stephen Barron and Elaine Linnane from north London, have painted their Edwardian home's exterior black and explained that it adds a bit of adventure to a house that may normally be banal.

The pair have used the same colour scheme in their bedroom, but avoided it becoming gloomy by combining it with white bedding and carpet and large windows.

In addition, frequent "splashes of colour" inside the house complement the black exterior and bedroom, meaning that darkness does not dominate the building.

Ms Linnaine went on to give an insight into her reasons for choosing such a different colour to use for her home.

"Maybe it's because my parents wouldn't let me paint my bedroom black when I was a teenager," she said.

According to Love Home, black wallpaper "is the ultimate in statement chic", while also having the possibility to look floral and attractive.

Posted by Barney Marshall

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