Damp-proof DIY advice

Damp-proof DIY adviceSeveral DIY tips have been given by home improvement expert and columnist Jeff Howell on how to ensure masonry walls are not affected by damp.

Writing in the Telegraph, he firstly advised homeowners to be wary of rendered plinths that may have been added to solid stone walls at some point.

Trapped moisture can occur in this situation, he said, as the render that is applied to the soft and flexible lime-mortar brickwork is more rigid, which could eventually cause the coating to crack.

According to Mr Howell, the result of the render fracturing is often that it leaves gaps that water can find its way into and eventually cause damp in the masonry wall.

He advised making sure that the rendered plinth was well maintained and if not, to remove it completely.

A damp-proof course is a waterproof covering underneath cavity walls and, according to 4Homes, is effective to stop rising damp and is easy to install by homeowners themselves.

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