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Pregis Thermal Insulation - lets-do-diy.comThermal insulation specialists Pregis is helping architects, builders and home improvers achieve significant energy savings by using insulation technologies issued from the aerospacial industry and potentially meeting the requirements of France's future réglementation thermique (RT) building energy code, whose next version, RT2012, is expected to seek further improvements in insulation for properties.

Pregis's high-tech Altherm® Pro reflective barrier insulation has now been granted European Technical Approval (ETA) from the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment), confirming that the material has passed a number of stringent tests to improve heat retention in winter when combined with conventional insulation material such as rockwool, in order to generate additional energy savings.

Altherm® Pro features a combination of bubble and aluminium foil which minimises conductive, convective and radiant heat transfer. The use of bubble film ensures an air retention layer designed to reduce thermal transfer while providing increased strength and puncture resistance. The addition of aluminium foil creates an effective barrier against moisture and air flow, in addition to being a reflective material.

Traditional insulation products use their ability to absorb or slow down both convective and conductive heat transfer, but they are not as effective in providing insulation from radiant heat transfer which can account for a significant amount of both heat loss and heat gain. By comparison, Altherm® Pro is able to block up to 95% of radiant heat transfer, which prevents heat loss in winter (through the ceiling, roof and walls) and heat gain in summer (improving comfort while saving on air conditioning).

Equally important, whereas traditional forms of insulation can be badly affected by changes in humidity and moisture levels, the pure aluminium radiant barrier of Altherm® Pro is able to perform at a consistent level however humid the atmosphere becomes.

Pregis Thermal Insulation - lets-do-diy.comHeat Reflective Insulation was originally developed for the aerospace sector and has been specially adapted for domestic homes and buildings. Altherm® Pro material is light, easy to handle and can be laid very quickly - it is supplied on rolls and all that is needed to install it is a staple gun and a pair of scissors. In addition, the material features a unique patented thermal joint system which eliminates the thermal bridge that is usually created when stapling the overlap of one width with another, thus maintaining its insulating properties.

Altherm® Pro is suitable for roofs and roof spaces, attics and walls. The material is non-toxic and non-irritant, does not release particles or dust, and is resistant to house mites and rodents. It also offers effective noise reduction.

"Effective property insulation makes economic as well as environmental sense," comments Denis Lanchon of Pregis. "We developed Altherm® Pro in recognition of stricter building regulations in the future but householders can gain immediate benefits in terms of improved levels of comfort and reduced energy consumption."

About Pregis:
Pregis Corporation is a leading global provider of innovative protective, flexible, and foodservice packaging and hospital supply products. The company offers packaging and product solutions for a wide variety of consumer and industrial market segments including food and foodservice, healthcare, agriculture, automotive, furniture, electronics, construction, fulfillment, catalogue and military/aerospace. The specialty-packaging leader currently operates 47 facilities in 18 countries around the world. For more information about Pregis, visit

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