Hassle-free DIY advice for projects

Hassle-free DIY advice for projectsDIYers looking to make some changes to their property with the minimum of fuss have been given a number of tips on how best to achieve this.

Writing in Australia's Your Mortgage magazine, DIY expert Rosalie Griffiths suggested that it is very important to plan ahead, take notes and measurements and know exactly where to start, which could save a lot of hassle and money in the long-run.

In addition, she advised adopting the mindset of the person who might be looking to buy a house and continually question what would give the property more appeal.

Ms Griffiths went on to encourage setting out a schedule and budget and ensure everything is done in a logical order.

She suggested the sequence of "remove all the old stuff, rough in for plumbing and electrical items, repair, paint, install new things, paint touch ups, clean until sparkling!"

Rosalie Griffiths is the founder of Urban Sensations, a company which aims to offer free house renovation solutions to maximise customers' profits.

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