DIY tips for cavity wall debris

DIY tips for cavity wall debrisBritish DIYers who have a home with cavity walls and are worried about debris that may be stuck in the hollow space behind the inside layer of bricks have been given some help by property improvement expert Jeff Howell.

Rubble left in the cavity of a house's wall can lead to damp problems, according to Premier Heritage, and also prove detrimental to the efficiency of any cavity wall insulation installed.

Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Howell suggested to anyone who has noticed they have a problem with rubble in the cavity to firstly remove a few bricks in the corners of the wall they can see along the whole of the hollow space.

Next, he advised improvising a little and using a solid piece of timber to push the debris down to the opening in the brickwork at the other end of the wall, or even making their own grappling hooks or drain rods to dig the rubble out.

Failing that, he encouraged people to look into securing an industrial-quality vacuum cleaner, but to be careful as the pipe may become jammed by larger material.

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