No more scratches or water marks with Rustins’ first aid kit for furniture

Worried about the effects of children, wine, candle wax and general accidents on the best polished furniture over the holidays? Then be prepared - with a first aid kit of Rustins' special scratch and water mark removers.

Hide scratches

For scratches and other surface blemishes, apply Rustins Scratch Cover with a soft cloth and leave for several minutes. When the scratch has been masked, apply more Scratch Cover to the whole surface before buffing.

There's a choice of three shades - for light, medium and dark wood - each priced from £2.70 for 125ml.

Wipe out water marks

Deal with water marks and heat marks as soon as they happen. As long as they are on the surface of the wood, Rustins Finish Reviver will restore the gloss and remove minor surface defects.

Use Finish Reviver to restore lost lustre and mask fine surface scratches as well. It costs from £2.70 for 125ml from good DIY and hardware shops.

Pre-Christmas gloss

Nothing beats a beautiful polished dining table for the festive meal - but it's amazing how the surface deteriorates over the years.

For a special shine this year, wipe Rustins Surface Cleaner over the wood first and watch it lift the accumulated wax and dirt from furniture without harming the original finish.

Then treat any blemishes with Rustins' other specialist products before repolishing. Price from £2.70 for 125ml.

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