Protect homes from the cold with DIY

Protect homes from the cold with DIYNow is the perfect time to carry out some much-needed DIY on your home to avoid any problems during the cold snap.

This is according to insurance company More Than, which stated that thousands of homes could be under threat from damage caused by the cold weather.

DIY projects that could help to protect properties as the temperature drops include removing loft insulation from below the hot water tank to allow it to be heated from the warm rooms underneath. This will stop it from freezing and causing pipes to burst.

Alternatively, DIY enthusiasts could insulate their pipes to make sure they do not get too cold.

If after spending time away from the property, homeowners return to find that the pipes have burst, the company suggests turning off the water at the stopcock.

Frank Saunders, chief forecaster at the Met Office, said today (December 15th): "Next week will be cold with some very sharp frosts. However, it is still too early to say what it will be like on Christmas Day itself."

Posted by Barney Marshall

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