Three tips for caulking a bathroom

Three tips for caulking a bathroomDIY enthusiasts who find their bathrooms are in need of a little TLC have been offered some advice on how to "neatly" caulk their tub.

Roy Berendson, writing for Popular Mechanics, stated that without knowing how to carry out this seemingly easy DIY project properly, homeowners can get in a mess when doing this task.

"Clean caulking comes down to three things: the position of the caulk gun, the speed that you move the gun and the opening that you cut in the end of the tube," he said.

He explained that although the task is quite a straightforward DIY process, it can take some time to master and it can be helped by using the correct tools.

Upgrading the gun that you use by a couple of pounds can make a huge difference to how well you complete the job, continued Mr Berendson.

He recommended cutting the opening on the tube with a fresh blade and making the incision close to the tip at a 45-degree angle.

Caulking the space between bathtubs and showers and the wall can help to reduce the risk of mould or mildew appearing and can prevent leaks.

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