Wallpaper is a 'cost-effective option' for DIY projects

Wallpaper is a 'cost-effective option' for DIY projectsKeen renovators who are hoping to redecorate their home but are still feeling the effects of the credit crunch have been encouraged to add wallpaper to their properties by Atieno Randa.

Writing in the East African, she suggested that wallpaper is a great way to spruce up a house while keeping in budget.

There "is a style for everyone", she said, highlighting the large variety of designs available to DIYers and the ease of being able to finding matching furniture and upholstery.

In addition, she commented that putting up wallpaper with a horizontal stripe style can create the illusion of width, while vertical stripes can make a room's ceilings look higher.

"For people who prefer bolder home decor, paint and wallpaper can be used in the same room. Try matching a single colour paint with matching three or two-colour floral or striped print wallpaper on opposite walls," she suggested.

Those looking for new wallpaper designs might be interested in the Walls are Talking exhibition taking place at Manchester's Whitworth Art Gallery from February 24th, which will showcase work from artists like David Shrigley and Damien Hirst.

Posted by Jenny Summer

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