DIY tips for new year projects

DIY tips for new year projectsKeen DIYers looking for help on what type of home improvement projects to carry out to maximise the value of their property have been given some advice by a number of experts.

Speaking to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Joe Naert, owner of estate agent Naert Realty, commented that bathroom and kitchen upgrades make the biggest difference to prospective buyers.

He suggested homeowners should replace old worktops with granite or slate equivalents, while television presenter and renovation expert John DeSilvia explained that installing, painting or staining cabinets could be beneficial and save money.

Mr DeSilvia is a licensed contractor, has his own company and has featured on DIY Network's Under Construction and 10 Grand in Your Hand.

Landscaping and focusing on the front garden can also impress potential purchasers, Mr Naert added.

In addition, installing hardwood floors instead of carpet, updating lighting and replacing old doors could make a big difference too, the experts explained.

Posted by Barney Marshall

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