DIYers 'should experiment'

DIYers 'should experiment'This year's DIY projects should be all about experimenting and customisation of homes, according to House Beautiful magazine.

Editor of the publication Julia Goodwin recently gave keen renovators hoping to improve their house in the near future a number of tips and stated that it is important to add a personal touch during their next scheme.

"People shouldn't be afraid to experiment and really make their home something that reflects their own lifestyle and their own interests," she said.

"The look going forward is homemade style," she continued, explaining that many households are increasingly purchasing sewing machines to spruce up their homes in their own style.

She added that she has noticed homeowners becoming more inventive when it comes to DIY projects, perhaps because less people can move house due to the current economic climate.

It was revealed by Aspect Maintenance in November 2009 that 70 per cent of London residents are planning on carrying out a home improvement scheme in the next 12 months and it could be that such tips give them a bit of timely inspiration.

Posted by Jenny Summer

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