Energy efficiency 'top priority' for DIY in 2010

Energy efficiency 'top priority' for DIY in 2010DIY enthusiasts' first priority in 2010 will be to make their homes more energy efficient, according to

The company claims that the public will see the benefits of making energy efficient alterations to their property as homeowners can save money and reduce their carbon footprint in the process. also suggests more people will make "green" improvements to their homes in 2010, highlighting "solar power, the use of low-toxin paints, or ... growing a vegetable patch" as possible steps for homeowners.

Andrew Skipwith, chief executive officer and founder of, predicts a good year for the industry as many people "do DIY as a way of saving money".

He says that DIY can be advantageous for people looking at "adding value to their property".'s predictions follow advice from Graham Henry of the South Wales Echo, who claimed that DIY improvements could help homeowners warm up their houses and slash energy bills.

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