Top 5 tips when buying a carpet

Red Carpet In Hall - lets-do-diy.comSteve Elliott is the managing director of Associated Weavers and has worked in the carpet industry for over twenty years. With a varied and experienced background Steve is very active within the industry regularly dealing with manufacturers and suppliers. With a specific interest in product development Steve is very knowledgeable about the link between carpet and fashion and the changing colour trends that emerge.

With an excellent understanding of the UK and world carpet market and also what consumers want from a carpet he is perfectly placed to comment on all carpet related issues.

Fun on the Floor carpet expert Steve Elliott's Top 5 Tips on things to think about when buying your new Carpet:

  1. Which area of the house is the carpet for? The hall, stairs and landing for example will take the most wear, and deserve a hard wearing and durable carpet. In a bedroom you can indulge yourself and think more about sinking your toes into a deep pile carpet!

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  2. What is more important to you? Is a practical, easy to clean carpet your priority or are you more interested in luxury and indulgence? Some carpets carry a family friendly guarantee against stains and can even be cleaned with bleach.
  3. Colour, plain or patterned? Contemporary patterns and bold colours are popular right now, and a patterned carpet can be the focus of a room. A plain carpet will suit any furnishing style and light shades can open up a room while darker colours can add intimacy to a larger area.
  4. Always buy the best quality underlay that your budget will allow. A good underlay will ensure that your new carpet retains its appearance for longer, provide comfort underfoot and help to reduce heat loss.
  5. Fitting carpet is a skilled job, so you should arrange for your new carpet to be professionally fitted. All good retailers, for example, only recommend fitters that have been recently assessed by the Flooring Industry Training Association.
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