Tact Enviro makes waves with Guernsey schools

Tact Enviro Ltd - lets-do-diy.comSpecialist flooring company, Tact Enviro Ltd, has given two Guernsey schools a re-vamp with its brightly coloured, hygienic flooring.

Vale School and St Martin's School have both transformed their swimming pools thanks to a complete installation of colourful TactTiles.

The project to update the pool surrounds at the Guernsey schools, which was part-funded by respective PTAs, involved Tact Enviro specialists travelling over to Guernsey by ferry to solve their flooring needs.

The entire project was completed in three days, allowing the pool to be re-opened to the children in time for their next lesson. The bespoke flooring has an anti-slip and forgiving surface, acting like a sprung floor, making it a perfect surface for bare feet.

Chris Dyer said, "The new flooring is fantastic and was installed so quickly, with no disruption. Tact Enviro could not have been more helpful and we have received lots of positive feedback from both staff and visitors."

The original flooring was greatly in need of repair, as the previous surface held water on the surface, which meant that children were at risk of tripping and slipping. In addition, the old floors were not easy to clean and therefore harboured unwanted germs. Tact Enviro's TactTiles on the other hand, have a free draining system that moves water away from the surface, so that it remains clean and dry.

As well as providing an installation service for large commercial applications such as these swimming pool surrounds, Tact Enviro takes a consultative approach with clients and advises on each project, allowing DIY enthusiasts to manage domestic installations competently.

Chris continues, "We previously used Tact Enviro over five years ago with two other schools, which also had TactTiles installed. Back then we installed the flooring ourselves as the instructions were great and it was so simple to install - the tiles still look and feel great five years later. Tact Enviro specialists installed the new floors at Vale and St Martin's School as the area was much bigger and more complex, but the team completed the flooring installation perfectly and the results are fantastic."

Unlike many other wet surface materials, Tact Enviro's innovative tiles are extremely durable and environmentally friendly, making them ideal for children's leisure centres and pool surrounds. The innovative modular system can be tailored to fit practically any area, making it remarkably versatile and suitable for high-traffic areas where minimal maintenance and flexibility is desired.

For more information on flooring solutions visit Tact Enviro's website at www.tactltd.com or call on +44 (0)1458 253395.

N.B. The information contained in this story is provided by the supplier and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of lets-do-diy.com.

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