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    Transform your shed this summer with Sadolin

    Garden Shed - lets-do-diy.comIf that tired old shed at the bottom of the garden is more eyesore than eye-catching, then it's time to take action with a makeover that will not only restore it to its former glory, but also have you excited about all the new ways you can use it.

    And, no matter what the transformation you have in mind - be it from shed to home office, to den for the kids or simply a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind - Sadolin has a woodstain just perfect for the job.

    Shed to Hideout - It's Child's Play with Sadolin

    Give the kids a treat by creating their very own ‘club house'. Available in a choice of 45 shades from soft pastels through to more vivid hues, Sadolin Superdec (RSP: £14.99/ 1 litre can) gives a stylish opaque, paint-like finish and is a great way to breathe new life back into your old shed. Easy to apply and maintain, it also helps get the job done quicker, while offering tough weather protection and a resistance to blistering and flaking that means it'll stay looking good for longer.

    Brighter shades such as ‘Lapis Lazuli' (right) are particularly child-friendly and put fun high on the agenda. Alternatively something a little more subtle, such as ‘Pea Green' (above) can be just as playtime-perfect, especially when accessorised with some colourful blinds and toys, but will be a better complement to a more traditional garden.

    A Grown-Up Retreat

    Ever dreamed of your very own escape at the bottom of the garden? Then a lick of Sadolin Superdec could be all that's required to transform your run-down shed into the ideal bolt-hole.

    Choose a pastel shade such as ‘Monaco', accessorise with pretty gingham blinds, scatter a few cushions, train some luscious honeysuckle over the roof and pot up a rose by your door and you've got the dream summer hideaway.

    A Practical Space

    And of course sometimes your humble shed really is just a humble shed, the place you store the lawnmower and other garden knick knacks and do your potting. But just because it's a practical space doesn't mean it can't look good too.

    Sadolin Classic (RSP: £29.99/ 2.5 litre can) is a versatile woodstain that provides long-lasting protection against the elements. The choice of the professionals, it is easy to apply and comes in 13 wood tones and 48 tinted choices.

    This smart shed has been given a makeover with Sadolin Classic in ‘Teak' - a classic choice that will suit any style of garden from country cottage style to something more contemporary.

    Transform Your Shed in Seven Easy Steps

    1. Taking a stiff brush, remove any flaky coating and dirt or debris that may have gathered.
    2. Then give the shed a thorough sanding, and use a fungicidal wash to remove ay mould or algal growth. Also use this time to give any windows a thorough clean and check that the roof is still watertight.
    3. Allow to dry completely, then with a clean cloth, dampened with methylated spirits or cellulose thinners, wipe over the surface.
    4. Next take a quality stain such as Sadolin Classic or Sadolin Superdec and stir thoroughly to ensure an evenly coloured finished.
    5. Then with a wide, good quality brush, start to apply the product in a full-flowing manner in the direction of the grain. Remember to treat the undersides of the doors and windowsills, and the end grains, as this is where water can seep in and start to damage the wood.
    6. Allow the first coat to dry and after the time recommended on the can has passed, apply a second.
    7. Once thoroughly dry, it's time to add the finishing touches such as curtains and cushions, and consider attaching a trellis so you can train fragranced plants like honeysuckle, roses or jasmine up the side.

    For further information and inspiration, visit www.sadolin.co.uk or call the Sadolin Advice Centre on 0844 7708 998.

    N.B. The information contained in this story is provided by the supplier and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of lets-do-diy.com.

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