DIY Britons urged to use bold colours

DIY Britons urged to use bold coloursBold colours are "the way forward" for Britons seeking to give their home a fresh new look, it has been claimed.

According to Rob Nathan, group marketing manager at Media 10, the company which runs the Ideal Homes Show, bold and bright colours have emerged as a key home design trend.

Though Mr Nathan acknowledged that the show's audience will always sway towards pastel colours, he claimed shades which have in the past been seen as "slightly passe … are coming back into the fore now".

This follows claims recently made by David Shepherd, brand manager at Dulux, that complementing plain shades of paint inside the home with areas of colourful tones is in vogue.

Speaking at The Gadget Show Live 2010, the design expert insisted that whites and cream colours are very popular at present, adding that in order to avoid being monotonous DIY enthusiasts should "throw in a bit of dynamism and personality in there".

Posted by Jenny Summer

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