DIY home insurance finder for locating the best policy

Swinton Logo - lets-do-diy.comRecent research conducted has found that only sixteen percent of all home owners in the UK took out a new home insurance policy in 2009. This indicates that literally thousands of people will be paying more money than they need to in order to cover their home and its contents.

Concerning house insurance, it never pays to be loyal to an insurance carrier. Insurers most often offer their best prices to new customers and not to their existing ones. When it is time to renew your home insurance this year, you can expect to save well over ?100 by simply dropping the insurer you currently have and switching to another who offers you a better deal. In today's rather bleak economic environment, it makes little sense not to spend a few minutes shopping around in order to save money, now does it?

The Swinton buildings insurance team commented that when looking at different policies, you should keep in mind the fact that buildings insurance rates are dependent upon whether or not your property is located in an area that is prone to flooding. An important factor with this type of insurance is the fact that you insure your home for its rebuild value and not its actual market value, which means you will need less coverage.

Another thing to keep in mind is to take everything inside your home into consideration when estimating the worth of your home's contents when shopping for contents insurance. If you fail to value your belongings correctly, you could end up not receiving what you are due when filing a claim.

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