Spring is 'ideal for DIY improvements'

Spring is 'ideal for DIY improvements'The spring represents the ideal opportunity for DIY enthusiasts to "get around to those outstanding renovation projects", it has been claimed.

Writing in the Guardian, Marc Lockley has suggested that spring is the perfect time to conduct DIY upgrades because the season "slots neatly between Christmas bills and the summer break".

Further to this, Mr Lockley advised homeowners seeking to redesign their kitchen to spend time planning its layout, adding that the majority of quality showrooms offer a free planning service.

"Calculate your overall budget, itemising each element of your kitchen. It is amazing how you can lower costs from the outset if you commit to a set figure," he noted.

Mr Lockley explained that careful planning and preparation helps to avoid "being pushed into agreeing an inflated price by the salesperson".

Meanwhile, a home design expert claimed recently that DIY enthusiasts are seeking to "individualise" their cooking areas.

Robert Cassidy, brand manager at Britannia Living, said homeowners are keen to create a unique feeling to their kitchens by using more expressive colours.

Posted by Jenny Summer

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